Frequently-Asked Questions

How do we find you?

Directions from the M4:

From junction 8/9 of the M4 follow the A404 towards Henley. Take the second junction which is the A4 to Maidenhead. Turn right at the Thicket roundabout, then immediately left at the mini roundabout, which is signposted to Stubbings. After about 400 yards, turn right into Pinkneys Drive. At the end (about one mile) turn right at the T junction onto the A308. Take the second entrance into Cranbrook Drive (fourth turning on the right). Number 29 is 100 yards on the left (on the corner of Avondale).

How long does a portraiture session take?

A family, maternity, baby or children’s session will take about an hour. A standard headshot session lasts about half an hour.  A personal branding or magazine style shoot can last up to two hours.

Do you have a studio?

I have a studio at home in Maidenhead and I also have a portable background and lights that I can set up anywhere including a location of your choice.

How do we view the photos?

After the shoot I download the images and make a selection of the best images. I will then work on a few of them in Photoshop® to show you the difference between a finished and an unfinished image. Next, you can come to my home to view your images on my computer or they can be uploaded onto a password-protected site for you to have a look at and share with friends/family.

Can you frame our photos?

Yes, I order bespoke frames to suit your home. 

What ideas do you have to celebrate special occasions?

There are many ways to include photography on your special day. For instance I do friendship and birthday parties at the studio. I would be very happy to follow you for a day at the races, on a boat ride, afternoon tea, posing in and around scenic landmarks, at a stately home or maybe out and about in a stretched limo. All the images can be included in a beautiful album of the day, along with messages and comments from friends and family.

How do we get the best from a portrait session?


Whether you choose casual or formal clothes make sure that they are:

– Comfortable

– Complement others if you are in a group (take along more than one outfit). Everyone wearing the same colour can look good.

– Loud patterns, shoes and ill-matching socks (in a studio portrait) can be distracting and glasses can cause reflections. Sometimes it is easier to leave them out.

– Avoid strappy tops or ones that are too low cut. If you find that a collar or neckline won’t sit straight for you in the mirror then it won’t work in the photo either.

– If you are big wear darker colours (unless you are being photographed against white, in which case wear white) and if you don’t like your arms cover them up with three quarter length sleeves.


Stick with a style you are comfortable with. Don’t have a new haircut beforehand in case you don’t like it so short or it takes you a while to manage. Bring your own comb/hairbrush and hairspray.


Keep with your usual make-up but just a little heavier. Don’t experiment with new colours as you might decide afterwards that it wasn’t really you.


This can add to a picture or be distracting. I feel less is more and if I can see that a necklace isn’t going to sit properly then I will ask you to take it off. This happens when you are moving around or leaning over. If you only require a head and shoulders shot then wear a short necklace otherwise you might find that the best bit, such as the pendant, is cut out of the image. Scarves can give you an alternative look but can also be messy. Practice tying it before you come so you know how it should sit.

Hands and nails

Sometimes your hands will be included in the image so make sure your nails are filed or polished if you prefer.


These can be really useful so that you have something to do with your hands and if they are relevant to your job, hobby or lifestyle they can give extra meaning to a portrait. At this point it might be useful to consider where the photos will appear as to whether you wish to include props or not.


For some professions this is a very important consideration because if you are a gardener for instance then it makes a lot of sense to be pictured outside among plants rather than in a studio.


I believe that it’s up to me to ensure you enjoy your session to the full. There are no hard and fast rules to creating great portraits, the single most important thing is that you relax, have fun and enjoy yourself as this will be reflected in the photos.

Air brushing

There is a lot I can do: remove scars, wrinkles, moles, change the colour of eyes etc. but I wouldn’t normally do this unless requested. As a matter of course I will brighten up eyes and teeth and take out a few teenage spots. Air brushing takes time so I charge £20 per hour.

For more information, please send me a message